Ain't Nobody (cover by Zayra)

How Deep Is Your Love (cover by Andrew)

Tous les Memes (cover by Jeremy)

No Diggity (cover by Khalil)

Doo wop (cover by Ayelya)

Hey Mama (cover by Indy)

One Sweet Day (cover by Manu & Jessica Flores)

Can't Hold Us (Cover By Version Originale)

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Cover By Jérémy Ichou The Voice)

Rather Be (cover by Ayelya The Voice)

All of me (cover by Ayelya)

Talk Dirty (cover by Jessica Flores)

Something's Got A Hold On Me (cover by Jessica Flores)

Shackles (Praise You) Acapella (cover by Ayelya)

Fantasy Acapella (cover by Jessica Flores)

Rock Your Body Acapella (cover by Jeremy Ichou)

Too Close Acapella (cover by Fablo)

You remind me Acapella (cover by Khalil Maouene)

All I Want For Christmas Is You Acapella (cover by Zayra)

Présentation Version Originale 2017

Teaser Intro VO 2016

Dj Live concept Night Club Bat Mitzvah

Présentation Version Originale Orchestre